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Our rooms, accommodations, and services have been used for decades, by millions of people and every single one is perfectly satisfied with all we had to offer. Try us out and join millions of happy customers.


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Helena Rosa
Founder Of The Business

Helena is a girl who is responsible for us and who we are today. She started the business 35 years ago and she made it one of the best and the most respected companies in the world. Yes, she is still the leader of the company.

Hans Weber
Our manager

Hans is someone who can complete any task within seconds and who is responsible for countless opportunities and great experiences our customers have. You will likely meet him when you come to Venice.

Arena Santio
Our Interior decorator

How we can have so great rooms and how each one is special? The answer with the help of Arena. She is our top decorated for the interiors of the rooms and she has been offering her help for a decade now. She started, grew and specialized the interior decoration all this time.

Joana Harlow
Our Receptionist

Are you looking for a professional receptionist who can indulge any desire and need you to have? Joana is there for you. She speaks 7 languages, she is absolutely professional and she is our gemstone.