What you can
do in Venice?

Wandering the Venice

Don’t use GPS, maps or anything similar. Simply start walking and visit any place you see interesting. The results will be impressive and we know you are going to have an excellent time.

Get in a gondola

The most important symbol of Venice, gondola. You will be able to sail for hours, listen to the songs and so much more. You can also use this activity to easily navigate the city and reach any destination within minutes.

Visit Campanile di San Marco

Climb at the top of Campanile di San Marco and get the most impressive view of your lifetime. This is special activity that has been adorable by millions and that has definitely the main role in the offer we provide. Enjoy.

Enjoy more,
a lot more.

There are a lot more activities you can do while in Venice and each one is special on its own way.

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Create impressive selfies

All your selfies while in Venice will be commented as much as possible. Your friends will want to be in your shoes and to get the same feeling you are having.

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Try delicious food

The food in Venice is one of a kind and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Try it and you will see what we have to offer.

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Visit monuments

Campanile di San Marco, Gondolas and so much more are just a glimpse of what Venice has to offer. Now you can finally explore all of them and get the best time in your life.

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Enjoy the shops

There are a lot of souvenirs available all around the city. Now you can have them visited and enjoy all the souvenirs there are.